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Fin De Siecle is an international art collective that was first formed align with the "Doom, Gloom, Stuck in Your Room"Quarantine Art Exhibit: a show held virtually in the midst of the global coronavirus pandemic of 2020. Our mission is to continue to support artists, both in and out of quarantining times, promote progressive POVs on the de-colonizing the art world, and share with followers and our own FDS community of artists a creative and vibrant spirit embodied through artistic practice that emulates hope, optimism, and beauty in the face of life's many challenges.  We hope to encourage, inspire, and create a platform from which artists can communicate with each other through the presentation of their work and by listening and engaging with what others are doing, saying, and creating. While "Fin De Siecle" translates to "End of Century", we know that our generation and the generations of tomorrow are going to be using art to process, digest, and make sense of the chaotic world around us as it, along with us within it, continue to change, grow, and adapt. Through creative expression, we can deconstruct and reimagine realities of the present in an attempt to democratize a co-creation of co-existences, justice, and equal representation for a newly envisioned, brighter future.

Out with the old! In with the new! Stay safe and keep making: your life depends on it. 

With love, 

The F.D.S Team 

Lindsay Wickersham, Zsuzsa Magyar, Morgan Bakinowski